Craig Barnes

President of Princeton Theological Seminary

Dr. Barnes has eight published books including Searching For Home, The Pastor as Minor Poet, and Body and Soul.

    Efrem Smith

    Co-lead Pastor of Bayside Church Midtown

    Rev. Smith is an internationally recognized preacher and consults on issues of multi-ethnicity, and community development.

      Teresa Goines

      Founder and CEO of Old Skool Café

      Teresa's mission is to break the cycle of incarceration, by giving young people hope, economic opportunities, and training.

        Charles Farhadian

        Professor at Westmont College

        Farhadian’s fieldwork is in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, where he has investigated themes of worship, social history, and nation making.

          Hanna Massad

          Founder of the Christian Mission to Gaza

          Hanna supports the church in Gaza as well as and relief work amongst those who are suffering the most.

            Patty & Rick

            Married Clinical Psychologists

            Drs. Patty and Rick navigate both the beauty and the challenges of their 20-year, cross-cultural relationship.

              Alan Smyth

              Senior Vice President of Saving Innocence

              Alan spends most of his time nurturing the growth and health of Saving Innocence, an anti-human trafficking organization focused on child victims of sex trafficking.

                Diane Martinez

                Director of Immigrant Hope Santa Barbara

                Diane opened IHSB in 2012, helping immigrants determine if there is a pathway to residency and providing educational opportunities.


                  [M1] Ministering in Gaza and Jordan

                  Speaker: Hanna Massad

                  Christian Mission to Gaza (CMG) serves the only Evangelical Christians living among nearly two million Muslims in one of the poorest, most tense, and most densely populated areas of the world.  Among the 2 million Muslims in Gaza, Gaza Baptist is the only Evangelical Church. CMG also works with more than a thousand Iraqi and Syrian refugee families in Amman, Jordan. These families are traumatized by the invasion of ISIS terrorists into their communities and homes and by the loss of family members and neighbors. In addition to meeting as much as they can of their physical needs, CMG ministers to damaged souls and spirits. Come hear CMG’s Dr. Hanna Massad share more of their work in this incredibly difficult context.


                  [M2] Immigration: Love Beyond Borders

                  Speaker: Diane Martinez

                  This interactive immigration workshop will look at a kingdom perspective of the great commission and
                  how the world is now at our doorsteps, including the scriptural history of immigration. We will review the current immigration system and attendees will participate in a group activity to determine if their neighbor had a pathway or crossed the border without legal entry into the United States. We will end with ideas on how the church can love our neighbor by responding to the short term and long term needs of immigrants in our communities.


                  [M3] Westmont Downtown: the Peace of the City

                  Speakers: Panel of students

                  Are you a college student with a heart for justice and seeing Santa Barbara be as it is in heaven, but feel overwhelmed by school and life commitments? A panel of students leading this workshop is seeking to be immersed in the city and to see the needs of people below Santa Barbara’s glossy surface. They will describe their experiences, their hopes, and frustrations, as they seek the peace of the city.


                  [M4] Human Trafficking: The Work of Saving Innocence

                  Speaker: Alan Smyth

                  This workshop will take an honest look at the media, culture, and society and how these play in the development of adolescent girls. We’ll see how the attack on human worth, particularly young girls, plays a role in grooming them for a scenario of human trafficking. After better understanding the messages society puts forth, we will take a look at the message God puts forth towards His Children. Also, we’ll provide some valuable tools. This workshop will be led by Alan Smyth, Sr. Vice President of Saving Innocence.


                  [M5] Post-Colonial Missions: Christian Witness Today

                  Speaker: Charles Farhadian

                  In a post-everything world, how do we make sense of the mission of God, especially when Christian mission has often been perceived as bedfellows with colonial forces? This seminar explores the complexities of living as Christians with this historic baggage and offers some ways forward to those grappling with being a global Christian. Do we just fix our problems here in the States before helping those overseas? Shouldn’t we feel guilty for Christianity’s part in colonialism?

                  [A1] Christian-Muslim Dialogue

                  Moderator: Charles Farhadian

                  Come and hear reflections from Rev. Graham Baird, a local pastor, and Imam Yama Niazi, a local imam, as they discuss important topics that Christians and Muslims might have in common and those that make for distinctions.


                  [A2] Grits & Oatmeal

                  Speakers: Patty Engert-Williamson & Rick Williamson

                  Their workshop title, “Grits & Oatmeal,” is the symbolic representation of their merging cultural heritages that results in an unusual breakfast pairing that their daughter Rochelle loves and frequently requests! They will discuss the dynamics of race and privilege from their respective vantage points as they have navigated life together. The audience will also be invited into a time of Q & A around the topics and examples raised.


                  [A3] Homelessness: Changing the Question from What Can We Do for You? to What Can You Do For Us?

                  Speaker: Jeff Shaffer

                  After leading meal sharings with Friends without Homes in Santa Barbara for 13 years, we are in the midst of adjusting our mission and invite you in to consider how your work with the marginalized might change as well.  A growing collaborative of 16 partners is learning to move from service to empowerment – from relief to justice.  We are in the earliest stages of our journey and will reveal the full story in this workshop.


                  [A4] Old Skool Café

                  Speaker: Teresa Goines

                  Illiteracy is one of the problems prevalent in immigrant families. Our region has a large population of first-generation families coming from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Illiteracy in the home affects the children as they move through the grades in American schools. A panel of authorities will discuss the problem and steps to be taken to alleviate it.


                  [A5] Foster Care

                  Speaker: Kate Wiebe

                  Jesus taught disciples how effects of trauma were everywhere, sometimes in places least expected. He also taught how fields were ripe for transformation. But healing harvest wasn’t easy. Just like today, it took time, intention, and care. Still, Jesus urged, disciples can bring about miraculous change when they set themselves to it. Whether you’re concerned for refugees, survivors of abuse, mourners, or communities rebuilding after destruction — learn from Jesus, and from best studies in trauma treatment, about how traumas impact individuals and groups, how effects of trauma endure and even pass through generations, and how you can participate in miraculous change.


                  [M1] The Middle East | Speaker: Hanna Massad
                  [M2] Immigration: Love Beyond Borders | Speaker: Diane Martinez
                  [M3] Westmont Downtown: the Peace of the City | Speaker: Daniel Rodriguez
                  [M5] Post-Colonial Missions: Christian Witness Today | Speaker: Charles Farhadian

                  [A1] Christian-Muslim Dialogue | Speaker: Charles Farhadian
                  [A3] Homelessness | Speaker: Daniel Rodriguez
                  [A4] Old Skool Café | Speaker: Charles Farhadian

                  Charles Farhadian, and Daniel Rodriguez

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