Your Help is Needed!

Each year the Santa Barbara Mission Conference Council produces a very high quality conference, yet we charge registration fees that surprise people: $60 pre-registered ($20 for students) & $90 same day registered ($30 for students). At those fees we don’t receive enough income to cover our costs, costs such as speaker fees, transportation, facilities use, and publicity. We depend on contributions from friends who appreciate what the conference seeks to achieve.

If what we do to inform, inspire, and engage for God’s mission resonates with you, then please make a generous contribution. Any contribution you can afford will make a difference.

Please select the value of your donation from the options below.

The value in the Quantity field should be “1” unless you wish to donate a multiple of one of the pre-selected amounts. For example, if you wanted to donate $125, you can accompish this by choosing the $1 amount and changing the quantity to 125, i.e. $1 times 125 equals $125.

Once you have selected your amount, please click the “Add to Cart” button to be taken to the Checkout process where you will have the opportunity to pay by Mastercard or Visa.


Thank you for your generous support.