[M1] Teaching the Bible for Transformation – I

As congregational leaders, we know that teaching information about the Bible is important.  But knowing a lot about the Bible does not necessarily lead to transformation.  While people are interested in learning about the Bible, most are interested in discovering what the Bible means to them and how the Bible changes their lives.  Participants in this workshop will explore how leaders can teach the Bible so learners are transformed into more faithful disciples and apostles as they go out into the world making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus commanded. Rodger Nishioka will lead this workshop for pastors.


[M2] Christ’s Presence in the Streets of Hollywood

Ross Lokken is the director Hope Again, a transitional homeless ministry in the heart of Hollywood.  With nearly 40 residents in three homes they offer individual case management to homeless with a variety of real and felt needs – from needing work, school, and a permanent home, to reunification with family.  The work is faith-based and very Christ–centered. They also work with over 500 walk-in clients each month seeking assistance in food, clothing, and referrals to other agencies. Explore with Ross the foundation of such work, how he got involved, the blessings, the on-going challenges, and how you can begin to work with the homeless you encounter.


[M3] My Journey from Cairo to Chicago: Learning How to Witness to Muslims

For the past 16 years, Dan McNerney has helped Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF) develop frontier mission projects in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.  During the years spent in Egypt he learned the methods used by the Presbyterian Church of Egypt and grew in his ability to witness among Arab Muslim neighbors.  When his health required a return home to Illinois, he grew and adapted his witnessing skills in the context of Chicago.  He has much to teach us about witnessing to others—Muslim or otherwise–in our various North American contexts.  His workshop provides him the opportunity.


[M4] Abolitionist Faith Communities

How does one person, convicted and compelled to end modern-day slavery, mobilize their faith community?  Then how does the faith community influence and work with the larger community?  How do we nurture a hope-infused, prayer-filled, sustainable, effective faith community movement?  These questions form the framework for this workshop.  The church has an incredible opportunity to bring hope and healing to our deeply fractured world.  But we need to be smart. We need the Spirit. Come join the conversation.  Kevin Austin, leader of the Set Free Movement, will lead this workshop.


[M5] Developing the People Around You.

From the beginning Jesus intentionally and constantly developed the people around him for life and ministry.  Are you doing that with the people around you?  Or are you doing too much of the work yourself, trying to give work away, and simply using the people around you?  Local churches and ministry groups must become cultures of leadership development.  It starts with you.  How do you begin?  Tim Fearer brings years of experience as a ministry staff member, then as a pastor / head-of-staff, and then as a teacher and mentor among young believers in Turkey to address these questions, provide a proven approach, and get you started.



[A1] Teaching the Bible for Transformation – II

In the afternoon session Rodger Nishioka leads the second hour of his workshop.  See [M1] for the description.


[A2] Seeking Shalom in Local Cities

How we discovered pathways for partnering with Jesus to bring holistic health to Santa Barbara.  This workshop will cover both the missional theology of shalom and the practice of it within local contexts of California subcultures, especially those within marginalized settings.  Jeff Shaffer, leader of the Uffizi Mission Project, will lead this workshop.


[A3] Ministries of Compassion 

Learn how to “come alongside” hurting people with practical ministry caregiving skills. This workshop will introduce you to skills you need to show Christ’s love and mercy. This will be most helpful if you are going on a mission trip with your church. Be prepared for those “Divine Opportunities” when God invites you to come alongside that hurting individual who needs your care and counsel. Our text is Tim Keller’s book “Ministries of Mercy, The Call of the Jericho Road”. Tim is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Co-leader of this workshop is Dr. Jim Witty, pastor, psychologist, and director of Care Corps International. The other co-leaders are missionaries Jerry and Candis Bingham, who serve long term in Gulu, Uganda with Action International. The three frequently minister together in northern Uganda.


[A4] Hassle-free Gospel Ministry in China

Kathy Call will describe the many kinds of Christian mission, both word and deed, in which China Connection has been involved in China since 1989.  By firsthand witness and picture, she will offer you a glimpse of how to “Go and be Jesus” in China.  China Connection first sought to “Love our Neighbors as Ourselves” in very practical ways, such as bringing the first clean water to 65 poor villages.  In their medical work they built village health clinics in Eastern China and gave China her first two Mobile Surgical Clinics (operating-rooms-on wheels) in Western China /Tibet.  Then they began “Free Bibles for the Poor” and helped train pastors. 


[A5] Missions with IMPACT

Breanne Minefee: “Have you ever wondered what life is like for those who’ve been oppressed for choosing Jesus?  Have you ever heard the story of someone who lives in extreme poverty or pondered the value of short term missions?  Come join the conversation and get a hands-on experience of what God is doing across the globe and how you can be part of a bigger story – with or without buying a plane ticket to Africa…” Breanne, Director of Santa Barbara Presbytery’s IMPACT, will be joined by others in leading this workshop.


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