Dr. Katherine Wiebe

A lawyer once asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus tells a story about a man, beaten and left for dead on a roadside. Two faith leaders passed by. A third traveler draws near, is moved, and responds. The sequence, Jesus says, depicts what it means to be a neighbor: We are called to respond to the trauma in our path. The effects of trauma are all around us. Learn the three keys for healing trauma at home, nearby, and far away.

With over 15 years’ experience in pastoral therapy, trauma treatment, and faith-based disaster response, Dr. Katherine Wiebe’s research, practice, and leadership focus on clergy care and how congregations effectively exercise capacities to be catalysts for healing. In all of her relationships, especially as wife, mother, and the executive director of the Institute for Congregational Trauma and Growth (ICTG), she seeks after practical solutions for thriving. In 2005, she earned an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and was recognized for her academic excellence with the Fellowship in Practical Theology. She earned a PhD from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in 2012. In the rare times she is not with her family or working, you likely will find her enjoying an evening backyard fire, hiking in the hills around Santa Barbara, or savoring a delicious meal with good friends. An East Coast transplant, she enjoys regaling her CA kids with stories of vacationing “down the shore