Graham Baird

Graham Baird has founded and pastored three New Church Developments. His ministry experience includes also leading large, medium, and small sized existing congregations in reaching their communities. Each of these new churches had its own flavor and ministry approach, yet each of them has been successful in connecting with the particular mission field in which it was located. Combining a combination of “attractional” and “missional” approaches, Graham and his team have sought, most of all, to “Meet People Where They Are”. Graham’s workshop will reveal how main-line denominational churches can more effectively reach their mission fields in fruitful and successful ways.


Graham Baird || Missional Church
Graham Baird was formerly the senior pastor of the 4,000 member First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs. Previous to that, Graham served as the founding pastor of Highlands Church in Paso Robles, CA. He is a graduate of Princeton Theological and is currently earning his Doctorate from Fuller. He won the National Oratory Championship in 1990 and is a widely sought-after speaker nationally. Graham is a fourth generation Presbyterian minister and the author of the book One Hundred Years of Ministry: A Practical Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders about the preaching and leadership legacy of his family. Now in California, Graham is developing another new church this fall in Camarillo, called “Mission Street Church”. He is married to his wife Star, and they have two daughters, Haley and Sheena. To learn more about Graham and his ministry, visit his blog at