2011 Workshop Descriptions



 [M1] Missional Church Innovations

Many church leaders today talk about Missional Church. What is that movement about? Church Innovations’ work for more than 20 years in that movement has produced several key learnings, one of the most important being that caring for your spiritual life is essential!  In this interactive workshop Dr. Pat Taylor Ellison will conduct an exercise in Dwelling in the Word together, discover six objections people have regarding taking an active role in caring for their spiritual lives, and answer those objections. You will consider a fact that church leaders, both lay and clergy, often ignore: the leader establishes the emotional field of action within which change takes place. You will also explore how both individuals and whole congregations, as leaders in their host communities, establish the emotional field within which community change takes place.


[M2] Mission, Worship, and Prayer

This workshop will consider the opportunity and delight of being involved in missions – as both a command and invitation to make disciples of all people.  For that reason, we consider worship as the fuel for mission, recognizing that the delight of God drives us to communicate our faith in word and deed across cultural and linguistic frontiers. By focusing on the theological and biblical foundations for mission praxis, this session will offer a method of corporate prayer and practice for the mission of the church.  Presenters: Rev. Ben Patterson, Campus Pastor, and Dr. Charles Farhadian, Associate Professor of World Religions and Christian Mission, both of Westmont College.


[M3] March Mission Madness

Every year in March the members of Ojai Presbyterian Church grow mad – mad for local missions.  The church sends over half of its members out into the community to serve, with projects ranging from visiting and helping the elderly, cleaning and repairing low income housing, renovating non profits’ buildings, and many more.  Their purpose is to serve their community in a way that makes the gospel relevant in the people’s lives.  Terri Wolfe and Vickie Achee will tell you how this project began and how you can serve your community in Christ’s name.


[M4] Evangelism: “Astonishing!”

“Jesus was astonishing!”  Rev. Bart Tarman is astonished when he sees Jesus as he is revealed in the Gospel accounts.  In this workshop on evangelism he will give you tools you can use to share this astonishing life with others.  Rev. Tarman, former Chaplain of Westmont College, is currently associated with the National Prayer Breakfast (Washington, D.C.).


[M5] Ministry of Caring

Dr. Jim Witty is a pastor as well as a psychologist.  His mission at Care Corps International is to respond to requests for healing in the wake of wars and natural disasters.  He trains the pastors and other caregivers in global locations so they can minister to traumatized people.  Jim will report on recent trips in which Care Corps brought the healing of Christ.



[A1] Missional Church: Studying Congregations

Karen Parchman is a Ph.D. student at Fuller Theological Seminary.  For the past twelve years, she has been working with and through churches who attempt to transform the intentional community of faith from what we’ve called ‘attractional’ to ‘missional’.  With churches and members who are desperately wondering what’s happening in their communities and to their churches, the question invariably is “does this ‘missional’ stuff really work?”  This interactive workshop is geared to engage church leaders with new ideas and insights from practical and academic research into missional change interventions in churches from diverse denominations and contexts.   We will focus on the “Big Three” leadership challenges that can derail meaningful transformation in your church:  conflict, communication, and culture. 

[A2] Missional Worship

Rev. Sharol Hayner, formerly a pastor of Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, has vast experience incorporating mission in worship services.  In this “hands on” seminar, the participants will consider what “missional worship” involves. Some of the answers will lead the group into new paradigms and practices for worship—others will take them back to the earliest forms of worship. The participants will focus also on the crafting of missional worship—looking for ways to craft worship which leads people to encounter the living missional God. 


[A3] Into the Neighborhood

Mike McClenahan is Senior Pastor of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.  He and his staff are moving their church back into the neighborhood, listening to the needs of the community, discovering where God is at work and joining him there.  Mike will define a practical, working definition of “missional church” and share updates on community serve day (replacing Sunday worship services with serving the community) and building bridges into the community to children, students, young families, and Hispanic neighbors.    


[A4] The Birth of a Reformed Church in Albania

Santa Barbara Presbytery has played a key role in the formation of a Reformed Church in Albania through the efforts of PC(USA)’s WORLD MISSION.  In May, 2010 the Emanuel Reformed Church in Tirana, Albania was chartered and the two Albanian pastors were ordained.  This milestone event took place 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union and, with it, the end of Albania’s isolation.  In this workshop Art Beals, Sean Cowdrey, and Jan Armstrong will provide a 100 year background for Protestant Christianity in Albania, the unique obstacles that stood in the way, and lessons learned (and being learned). This seminar gives a great glimpse into how a single congregation, then joining with a missional Presbytery, can have a profound impact on a nation.


[A5] Videography and Mission

Steve Stiles, former head of Films at Focus on the Family, and Tim Weir, an educator and communications specialist, have formed RevCom Media to tell the stories of new and ongoing missions at Community Presbyterian Church, Ventura.  Their unique approach has helped energize awareness of missions at CPC and is credited with raising missions giving as well.  In this workshop they will share video clips and discuss the elements of storytelling that can turn your videos into memorable presentations.

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