Christians Relating to Muslims

Workshop Details

Great barriers of misunderstanding, prejudice, pain from the past, and current events divide Christians and Muslims around the world. Sadly, few American Christians have Muslim friends. As a result, when there is no dialogue between Christians and Muslims, each camp can easily demonize the other. Following years of mission work in Egypt and United Arab Emirates, Dan McNerney has led his church in Northbrook, IL, to build bridges of friendship with the local mosque. The results have been incredible. Dan wants to share their experience, offer you inspiration, and provide tools so your church can do the same.

About Rev. McNerney

Rev. Dan McNerney is an Associate Director of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship, a mission support group serving Presbyterian churches worldwide. PFF’s sole purpose is to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups, wherever they can be found. Before joining PFF in 1996, Dan served as assistant pastor at the Winnetka Presbyterian Church in the northern suburbs of Chicago where Dan and his family still live. Dan also served as a missionary in San Jose, Costa Rica in the early 1980s. He is a graduate of Yale University and the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Dan and his wife, Sharon, have four daughters and one son.

With PFF, Dan travels extensively throughout the United States preaching, teaching, and sharing the vision of frontier mission with local Presbyterian churches. Dan helps these churches to have prayerful, financial, or hands-on involvement with any of the numerous PFF projects. Overseas, Dan visits various parts of the world, but his primary areas of focus are in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. In recent years, Dan has helped churches in the United States to establish redemptive, bridge-building relationships with local Muslim and Jewish communities for the purpose of being a Gospel witness among these unreached people in our own country. Dan is most excited to share these new mission opportunities with the wider Presbyterian family. Dan also travels frequently to Egypt to strengthen partnerships with the Egyptian Presbyterian Church which has developed a strong witness among Arab Muslims worldwide.