Needs Assessment

Workshop Details

Needs Assessment of Domestic Child Sex Trafficking in Santa Barbara County
(panel discussion)

This presentation will include an overview of a comprehensive Needs Assessment research report, completed in June, which highlights the presence of child survivors of domestic sex trafficking in Santa Barbara County. The workshop will seek to provide participants with an initial understanding of domestic child sex trafficking, as well as current local statistics of prevalence, needs of survivors, and available services. Participants will also gain an understanding of current efforts in the community that address this issue, as well as ways they might also contribute. Workshop leaders Jeff Shaffer and Kyli Larson of The Uffizi Order will be joined by others in a panel discussion format.

About Kyli

Kyli Larson has been involved with The Uffizi Order since 2010, learning about local mission and incarnational living. After graduating from Westmont College in 2013 she began working with Uffizi to address the issue of human trafficking in Santa Barbara County. She has been involved with the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office’s Human Trafficking Task Force, as well as a Needs Assessment of Domestic Child Sex Trafficking in the county. Kyli enjoys learning from people who experience marginalization and as well as seeking creative and collaborative solutions to complex social issues.

About Jeff

Jeff Shaffer has been married for 25 years. He is married to Julia and has three children – Kairos, Kennah, and Kalum. From 1992 to 2005 he was a pastor at Community Covenant Church in Goleta, and for the past eight years has been working with Christian Associates as the founder of the Uffizi Mission Project ( He formerly worked for the Turner Foundation, which owns the Village Apartments on the West Side. His primary work is on the West Side of Santa Barbara and with Friends without Homes through both the work of Uffizi and Common Ground Santa Barbara (