Multi-Ethnicity: Can We All Get Along?

Workshop Details

Discussions of race and ethnicity are often polarizing and leave ethnic minorities feeling frustrated, and/or misunderstood and majority culture people feeling defensive, ashamed, or angry. What proactive steps can Christians or churches take to become agents of racial reconciliation? Larry Thiel has some ideas. In his workshop he will present his ideas and lead the session in a period of Q&A. Larry is a visiting lecturer in the University of the Pacific and an Associate Regional Director of InterVarsity.

About Larry

Larry Thiel has taught philosophy and political science at the University of the Pacific for the past 16 years. His classes include “Divided by Faith,” “What is a Good Society?,” “How to Lead an Ethical Life?,” and “The Life and Teachings of Jesus.” His research interests are church and state relationships, religion and American culture, and postmodern apologetics. He is also an Associate Regional Director of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, overseeing campus ministries in northern California, Reno, and Hawaii. He has taught at church and student conferences on redemptive white identity, cross-cultural witness, and racial reconciliation.