Serving Children at Risk in Our Region

Workshop Details

Lynn Karlson, Executive Director of Youth and Family Services of the Channel Islands YMCA, will moderate a panel discussion on serving children at risk in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. The panelists will limit their discussion to the homelessness and poverty aspects of children at risk, leaving out substance abuse, law enforcement, and other aspects of this complex problem. Panelists will include Jon Wilson of the Turner Foundation, which ministers on Santa Barbara’s Westside, Jim Duran of The River Community (church) of Ventura, and two additional panelists to be announced.

About Lynn

Lynn Karlson is Executive Director of YMCA Youth and Family Services, a branch of the Channel Islands YMCA, a charitable organization of seven YMCA branches serving Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Prior to assuming the directorship in 2009 she had 15 years of community volunteer leadership experience. While serving on the Channel Islands YMCA Association Board, Karlson participated in the YMCA’s acquisition of two of the largest Youth and Family Services programs: Noah’s Anchorage Youth Crisis Shelter and the Isla Vista Teen Center. In addition to volunteer service, her background includes program and product development as well as management for Independent Means, Inc., a national financial and social resources education company. She and her husband live in Carpinteria.