Speaking Out for Children

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Speaking Out for Children: 5 Qualities of Effective Christian Advocacy
In this workshop we will consider a variety of advocacy campaigns on behalf of trafficked children in order to understand what makes them effective. Then we will discuss how your church or organization can adapt some of those same strategies to improve your own advocacy, whether you want to impact the lives of children and youth locally or globally.

About Dave

Dave Scott first started working with children at risk in 1998 when he and his wife, Charity, began ministry with Viva, an organization committed to founding and supporting local and international networks of Christians who work with children at risk. Since that time Dave has helped to establish training programs on children at risk in colleges and seminaries around the world. Increasingly he speaks publicly on issues of violent conflict, homelessness, and trafficking of children and young people. Dr. Scott is Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies and Children at Risk in the School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Seminary.