Alan Smyth

Senior Vice President of Saving Innocence

    Alan has worked in nonprofit management for over 25 years with Young Life. Most recently, he served for 14 years as the Regional Director for Young Life in the Greater Los Angeles Region. Currently, Alan serves as SVP for Saving Innocence, an anti-human trafficking organization focused on child victims of sex trafficking. Alan spends most of his time initiating and nurturing strategic relationships which promote the growth and health of the organization. Additionally, Alan oversees the operating budget and all financial matters as well as working with the staff.

    Alan has also spent time writing the book, Prized Possession, and holding seminars that have trained and equipped thousands of fathers of daughters.  He has been able to help them identify and understand the pressures that society places on girls and has given them hands-on practical tools helping them to equip their daughters to thrive through adolescence. You can find his blog at