Teresa Goines

Founder and CEO of Old Skool Café

    Teresa Goines is the founder and CEO of Old Skool Café – a supper club run by at-risk youth in San Francisco, which provides training, jobs and a second chance at life for youth coming out of incarceration and foster care. Teresa’s experience working with gang-affiliated youth, as a juvenile correction officer, impacted her life in a way that changed her forever.  Their stories gave her an in-depth understanding of how many young people end up on such a destructive path and compelled her to find a solution to the hopelessness she saw in the lives of incarcerated and forgotten youth.

    Teresa’s mission is to permanently break the cycle of incarceration, by giving young people hope, economic opportunities and training in a supportive environment where they can grow emotionally, physically and spiritually. From this passion, the concept of Old Skool Cafe was born in 2005.

    Ms. Goines has received several awards and recognition for her work with Old Skool Cafe and the Bayview Community:  2013 CNN Hero Award, 2012 Wells Fargo Community Spirit Award, 2011 Bank of America – Neighborhood Excellence Local Hero Award, 2011 Westmont Global Alumni Award, 2009 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, 2008 Jefferson Award, and 2006 San Francisco Foundation Koshland Bayview Fellowship Award.