Video Contest

Announcing the 2015 Santa Barbara Mission Conference Video Contest

Radical Compassion!


The entries are in! View & Vote On Them Here!



This contest is designed to help highlight those ministries/projects that practice radical compassion in those three areas (poverty, evangelism, reconciliation). We will have one winner in each category. The videos are meant to inspire missional living and celebrate the work God is doing through faithful churches and Christian fellowship throughout the world.

The videos will be judged on their creativity in answering the following questions:


  • How does your project/ministry empower people to address problems of poverty in a particular area?
  • What impact does your project/ministry have on addressing the root causes of poverty in your area?
  • How has your project/ministry brought hope to a local community?


  • How does your project/ministry empower people to share the gospel in a local community?
  • How has the gospel helped to fulfill Christ’s commission to “go and make disciples?”
  • How have lives been changed in the community you serve because the gospel has been shared with others?

Violence through Reconciliation

  • How does your project/ ministry empower the work of reconciliation in your local community?
  • What are the root causes of violence in your community?
  • How have lives been changed as a result of the work of reconciliation?


The top video in each category will be featured at the Santa Barbara Mission Conference in 2015 in addition to receiving a cash prize of $500 to be used towards the mission/outreach project featured in the video. Prizes will be awarded at the Santa Barbara Mission Conference on January 23-24, 2015.