Morning Workshops

Speaking Out for Children: 5 Qualities of Effective Christian Advocacy [M1]

Awareness is the first step towards action. But how can a well-meaning child advocate break through the din of cat videos and ice bucket challenges to inform and mobilize effective responses? In this workshop we will consider a variety of advocacy campaigns on behalf of trafficked children in order to understand what makes them effective. Then, we will discuss how your church or organization can adapt some of those same strategies to improve your advocacy efforts, whether you want to impact the lives of children and youth locally or globally. Workshop leader: Dave Scott.


Workshop Leader: Dave Scott

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Multi-Ethnicity: Can We All Get Along? [M2]

Discussions of race and ethnicity are often polarizing and leave ethnic minorities feeling frustrated, and/or misunderstood and majority culture people feeling defensive, ashamed, or angry. What proactive steps can Christians or churches take to become agents of racial reconciliation? Larry Thiel has some answers. In his workshop he will present them and lead the session in a period of Q&A. Larry is a visiting lecturer in the University of the Pacific and an Associate Regional Director of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.


Workshop Leader: Larry Thiel

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Reconciliation in Cultures of Violence — Including Our Own [M3]

When we look at the needs of the world, we can feel overwhelmed by how big the problems are – and how small we are in comparison. Reconciliation is a big word with practical and particular applications in different contexts. So where do we begin? Start somewhere. Challenge the system. Build the new. Change the game. In this workshop Presbyterian World Mission Catalyst Shannon Beck will provide inspiration for change and practical tools to facilitate movement toward reconciliation through non-violent direct action.


Workshop Leader: Shannon Beck

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Christians Relating to Muslims [M4]

Great barriers of misunderstanding, prejudice, pain from the past, and current events divide Christians and Muslims around the world. Sadly, few American Christians have Muslim friends. As a result, when there is no dialogue between Christians and Muslims, each camp can easily demonize the other. Following years of mission work in Egypt and United Arab Emirates, Dan McNerney has led his church in Northbrook, IL, to build bridges of friendship with the local mosque. The results have been incredible. Dan wants to share their experience, offer you inspiration, and provide tools so your church can do the same.

Workshop Leaders: Dan McNerney

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Mission of Care in Ukraine: God’s Hidden Treasures [M5]

Come and see how an ordinary woman from a local church in the Santa Barbara Presbytery went to Ukraine and, through God’s leading, founded a ministry called “God’s Hidden Treasures” in 1997, a ministry which now serves thousands throughout Ukraine. Nita Hanson will share all the miracles of God’s provision for the Orphan Ministry, the Wheelchair Ministry, and the Medical Ministry. She will also share how reconciliation and healing are taking place in people’s lives through sharing the love of Christ in this war torn and divided nation. In her workshop Nita will be joined by individuals who traveled there short term with IMPACT.


Workshop Leader: Nita Hanson

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Needs Assessment of Domestic Child Sex Trafficking in Santa Barbara County (panel discussion) [L]

This presentation will include an overview of a comprehensive Needs Assessment research report, completed in June, which highlights the presence of child survivors of domestic sex trafficking in Santa Barbara County. The workshop will seek to provide participants with an initial understanding of domestic child sex trafficking, as well as current local statistics of prevalence, needs of survivors, and available services. Participants will also gain an understanding of current efforts in the community that address this issue, as well as ways they might also contribute. Workshop leaders Jeff Shaffer and Kyli Larson of The Uffizi Order will be joined by others in a panel discussion format.


Workshop Leaders: Kyli Larson & Jeff Shaffer

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Afternoon Workshops

Serving Children at Risk in Our Region [A1]

Lynn Karlson, Executive Director of Youth and Family Services of the Channel Islands YMCA, will moderate a panel discussion on serving children at risk in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. The panelists will limit their discussion to the homelessness and poverty aspects of children at risk, leaving out substance abuse, law enforcement, and other aspects of this complex problem. Panelists will include Jon Wilson of the Turner Foundation, which ministers on Santa Barbara’s Westside, Jim Duran of The River Community (church) of Ventura, and two additional panelists to be announced.


Workshop Leader: Lynn Karlson

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Broadening the Conversation on Men, Women, & the Church [A2]

The debate about the role and place of women in the Church is heating up. What do both sides believe? What are the consequences of this debate on the Church? This workshop will explain the current debate, describe the two main viewpoints, and evaluate what scripture and the life of Jesus teach us about gender roles and Church leadership. Political scientist and Junia Project co-founder Kate Wallace will lead this workshop.


Workshop Leader: Kate Wallace

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The Care of the Poor as a Corollary to Christ’s Reconciling Work: Lessons from the Early Church [A3]

“God reconciled us to himself through Christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation,” says 2 Corinthians 5:18. How does the care of the poor relate to Christ’s reconciling work and our ministry of reconciliation theologically and practically? Drawing on early Christian theology and ministries to the poor, Helen Rhee’s workshop will offer biblical and theological groundings of the care of the poor as a necessary corollary to Christ’s reconciling work of redemption and also a historical and practical guide and ways to care for those in need in our communities, societies, and beyond.


Workshop Leader: Helen Rhee

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Becoming a Missional Church [A4]

Your church has an opportunity to function as a church “on mission” as well as a biblical responsibility to reach out both locally and abroad. This workshop identifies the characteristics of effective missional churches and examines the barriers and the challenges that stop churches from living out their calling. As a specialist in helping churches reach unchurched people, Alan McMahan will outline practical strategies that your church can use to more effectively engage the harvest all around you and around the world.


Workshop Leader: Alan McMahan

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Caring for Creation: Trinity Community Gardens [A5]

How does the development and use of a church-based community garden demonstrate God’s call to us to care for Creation? How was Trinity Gardens developed during the past four years? What are the garden’s outreach programs and how do these fulfill the garden’s mission? Presenters Judy Sims and Diana D’Evelyn will share how the garden has been central to VBS curriculum and various garden and food education programs, while also providing fresh produce on a weekly basis to help meet food needs within our community.


Workshop Leaders: Judy Sims & Diana D’Evelyn

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